Desolation was the first map in about 3 years that I was not the Pod Lead on. It was an awesome mentor opportunity to help one of my co workers through his first time as a Pod Lead. He did a fantastic job and helped the Desolation pod create such an artistically fun map.

Part of my role was to be a back stop, helping mentor, and acting as a veteran voice on for some sanity. My main art role hit as much as possible. This lead me to working on the terrain through out the map, terrain prop work, the "wall," the two buildings in the wall buildings, temple area, the rice barn from start to finish, and prop passes though out many of the areas.

Like all maps this was only possible with the support and help from the other artists on the map. Congrats to the whole pod on the work and rework to get it to where we did. I have never gotten to work on a Tomb Raider, but this kind of gave me a little taste of what it might be like. So much fun!