During the production of Modern Warfare III life brought me a crossroads and after much struggle I decided to leave Sledgehammer Games. To say it was bitter sweet is an understatement. I loved making COD. At the project started I was able to work on a lot of preproduction ideas/maps and explore where the project could go. Sadly, much of what was investigated didn't make it to the final game. Fortunately, I was able to work on Invasion for a short time before I left. During that time I built the Hotel and the Electronic shop next to it.

To the entire team that made MWIII you guys did an incredible job! With all the pivots, short deadlines, and all the stress that making COD brings I am proud to see what you all built. It was a team I helped build and train. The game is a blast to play and the maps look great. A special thanks to you that helped me get some nice clean images of my work.