As pod lead, I was involved from start to finish of Decoy. The map went though numerous large design changes during the art phase. Which required us to get creative on how to art the map to limit rework. We also had a technical challenges with the amount of destruction and lines of sights to balance.

While working on contextualizing the map we decided embrace the idea of a decoy and "built" a small town with a face river above some type of facility. This gave us a lot of opportunities to make diverse interiors vs exteriors and infer a facility below with underground areas, pipes coming out of the ground, elevators, and more. We also got to explore some great mechanical assets that bridge a 1920 - 1940's technology range.

After art block in, contextualization, and outsourcing, My focus shifted to making sure to managing the map production. Insuring level artists, other departments, Leads, and Directors were informed on the progress/answering questions, and helping respond to feed back. Art wise I primarily focused on: the barracks, Hut C, Administration, and the Vista. During polish I was again back to working on nearly all parts of themap